Your trusted IT partner for a better digital technology experience.
Low-Code, No-Code gamification API which plugs into any application.
Heuristic data analysis and visualization with a few clicks. Our data or yours.
The intelligent approach to building security at the data point level.
Migrate application workloads to the cloud without hassle.
Peninsular Research Operation (PRO) is a global software provider specializing in data. The company offers a unique engagement model that triangulates data, technology and business process, which enables the clients to achieve their business vision. With a rich experience in technology and business consulting, we implement innovative digital transformation initiative to facilitate growth.
Our Motto is "Think Data.."

Create a data-driven culture, and practices in organisations using next-gen technologies and transformative solutions.


Strategize and implement best-in-class data capabilities that help organisations attain their business objectives

Ensure effective and innovative use of next-gen technologies that accelerate business transformation

Build a highly competent workforce to implement best practices and technologies

Offer customer-centric products and services are quick to deploy, easy to integrate, and allow swift realization of business benefits

Our Services
Our Products

    Gamification software as a low code no code plug-in or add-on to gamify any product irrespective of the technology used in the legacy to increase user engagement or customer motivation.


    A self-serve business intelligence tool which provides powerful visualization and insights in a matter of minutes.


    Seamlessly merge secondary and primary datasets. Achieve complex data analysis using a simplified user interface and create stunning visualizations.


    Achieve data-centric security and implementation aligned with being compliant with regulatory norms.

  • Implementation of gamification in firms are spicing up the market

    Gamification has been used across various business processes, from sales to training, and now, marketing has come into play. Brands are trying to engage their users to stand out from the competition, simply put, gamification marketing is one of the most effective ways for brands to do so!

    How gamification is enhancing the realm of social media?

    Gamification is becoming increasingly popular in social media, as it can help to increase user engagement and loyalty. Here are some ways that gamification is being used in social media

    Gamification in business: how is it working wonders?

    Companies are using gamification nowadays to improve employee outcomes by turning boring routines into fun and productive exercise

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